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City Council

The City of Laguna Woods is a “general law city” with a “Council-Manager” form of local government, meaning that it operates within the parameters of California municipal law with an elected City Council that is responsible for legislative and policy functions. The City Council appoints and supervises a professional City Manager charged with the “day-to-day” responsibilities of managing the City and implementing City Council laws and policy. The City Council also appoints a City Attorney to serve as the City’s legal counsel. The five members of the City Council are residents elected at large by registered voters to four-year terms. Elections are held in even numbered years with two and then three Councilmembers elected at subsequent elections. The City Council appoints a Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem, annually, from amongst its membership, to preside over City Council meetings, execute certain legal instruments and authorizations, and attend to various ceremonial matters.

City Councilmembers

Mayor Pro Tem Shari L. Horne

Mayor Shari L. Horne –  Appointed in 2014; second term ends in 2020 (email)

Carol Moore

Mayor Pro Tem Carol Moore – Elected in 2014; first term ends in 2018 (email)

Councilmember Cynthia Conners – Appointed in 2009; elected in 2012; third term ends in 2020 (email)

Councilmember Noel Hatch – Elected in 2012; second term ends in 2020 (email)

Councilmember Joe Rainey – Appointed in 2017; first term ends in 2018 (email)

City Council Meeting Records

Investment Policy Review Committee

The City Council’s Investment Policy Review Committee is responsible for conducting at least biannual reviews of the adequacy and effectiveness of the City’s investment policy and preparing related recommendations for City Council consideration. For the 2017 calendar year, the City Council has appointed Mayor Horne and Mayor Pro Tem Moore to serve on the Committee. Committee meetings are publicly noticed.